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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

5 Feb - 8 Mar 07

Thursday 8 March 2007

The CM’s of PERWI will have a meeting ( no 5 ) schedule on a Saturday the 10 March 2007 at the Chairperson’s residence. This date coincide with the early school break with a view to allow an for opportunity for CM’s outside Klang to be present and participate in the meeting.

The purpose of the meting is to review activities carried out throughout 2006 and including to come with a program for 2007, especially the premier program, The First PERWI Annual General Meeting schedule to be on the 2 June 2007 as agreed at the last CM’s meeting.

Will spend sometime today to download from the open system had download a few yesterday using IE7 including Opera and FF2, Nokia Suite and FF add-ons, will have to continue later.

Wednesday 7 March 2007

On the 7 March make good again. On the 8 commissioned and run, producing the first message translating the Secretary’s public notice.

Wednesday 14 February until 23 February 2007

Went MIA from the 14 February until 23 February 2007 attempted to make good the PC but it was not functional. Discover that the power cables have been loose.

Tuesday 13 February 2007

Did some adjustments to advertisements in all the block. Include a C-box in the PERWI blogs. Comments have been little and far between. My PC Crashed.

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Sunday 11 February 2007

Start about noon for almost 5 continuous hours do the placing of search boxes and some amendments to the links . Visitors with problems due to links breaking down, please do inform me.

Today for the first time we have visitors to the site from East Malaysia, state of Sarawak, Kuching.

The presence of search boxes and answer boxes on all the blogs, hopefully gives the readers some convenience that they do not have to leave the site especially those who enjoy full-screen reading. Further the present Malaysian generation of early thirties, as a whole – their English are considerably poorer than my generation.

Check tentative date and venue of PERWI’s first AGM click here PERWI

Saturday 10 February 2007

Concentrate on placing search boxes in the blogs and website. But progress was rather slow, probably the other counterpart is doing maintenance or their robot or spiders are roaming the sites. Do some ads placement too.

In the evening we have our gotong-royong (mass-mobilization) among neighbors to do cleaning and clearing of the drains, compound and the children playground.

Friday 9 February 2007

In the morning I attended to my emails. Push off back to my kampong to do the Friday Congressional Prayers. Went early to observe the developments of renovation works to the local mosque and to get some feedback from my uncle, who is the treasurer of the committee. I sense that some earlier hick ups have improved though not totally straightened up. Then key man who was involved in the releasing of the funds have also been identified.

I would like to suggest that in all future projects finance by federal funds via JPP for mosque renovations be done through the committee of the mosque concerned

Completion target though not a fixed date have been established. Major finishing works are still in progress and carpet have been placed at the newly created prayer space. Abuse of funds for mosque renovation seems like a norm in this part of the state where funds are release through political channel. Politicians representing the Federal government and federal government bureaucracy have to stemmed their foot and straightened this up before it is turned into a sour point proving the Federal Government incompetence and utter social apathy to the aspirations of the local community.

Misi Anda ....?

Thursday 8 February 2007

In the morning did some work on the PC to identify the problem. Using e-trust pestcontrol form computer associates (ca) I managed to identify the culprit responsible for the instability, there were two, basically they fall under the category spyware and they are Limewire and Kazaa. I did manage to quarantine them.

1. A new post in doing up the HoW (click here) Comfort Zones.

In the afternoon, I attended a meeting at Sek Ren Hamzah2 organized by PIBG for parents with Standard Six kids to discuss the program for excellent performance for the coming UPSR. As an exercise of self restraint I did not speak publicly, just in case the public got a wrong idea. I do give a thumb up for the amount of time they spend with the students and that’s a phenomenon in Kelantan but the quantity do not, I believed, commensurate the quality produced. I spoke to a male teacher in private and I think he saw my point of view, and did mention to a lady teacher, my Primary Schoolmate that, I may be writing something in my blog on the issue.

2. Post Doa selamat untuk Anak Ina yang akan ke Australia (click here )

Do up the website by putting up among other things a search box.

Wednesday 7 February 2007

In the morning I went to the bank, BIMB to deposit some cash into my HSBC accounts. I was held up by the lady who had asked me to prove that I am BIMB Kota Bharu branch account holder as I had claimed. I gave her my previous deposit slip and further she asked me for my NRIC. She said that now, it is BIMB’s policy to serve only their customers for IBG services. That’s weird cause I thought the Bank should proved to me of their good service then that might make me opened an account at their bank.

Still concentrating on stabilizing my PC. Using Flock browser I managed to add more ads to 2 other blogs and amend some widgets. I took the opportunity to learn more about Flock and photobucket, I knew about photobucket when some seniors used it for the photopages.

Tuesday 6 February 2007

I had to spend some time redo my PC . Stabilized it but in the process I had to delete a few softwares including the multimedia audio controller. What’s going on? God knows best. So I am down and could not post videos for a few days until I find some money to make good the near crash.

Yesterday manage to do only face lifts to include some ads on two blogs and to redo the search box on the main page. Other than that was trying to download some driver for video audio but fail to find a correct match, have identified the software no and will be trying again tomorrow. I Could not relocate my CD that contain the driver.

I do not know if it is due to phishing, I cannot operate IE7 and Firefox runs slowly, with other security softwares interupting. I could not even have AVG to scan my PC, it says my electronic number do not tally will their records. I made a bill payment via HSBC, I believed that they are very secured for they provide users with a device that generate the access code. After I logged out from HSBC two local banks web sites emerges on my browser. The first one with a drop down telling me that it was a bogus site designed to get clients’ passwords and that was an example. May be these banks have some traffic arrangements with HSBC. I have to rely on FLOCK browser. This social browser performs better, it seems

Monday 5 February 2007

I had to spend some four hours today to collect income from rubber sales. Earlier I place some ads in one of the blogs.

I have posted 2 more videos in the following blogs,

1. Money & Travels an animated proposal (click here to watch)

2. Life Style, listen to a stage performance Teasing a party anthem (click here to listen)

Enjoy yourself.

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