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Sunday, December 31, 2006

4 - 31 Dec 2006

31 December 06

Focus on communicating with third parties. This year will be a memorable year, it ends with the EID

30 December 06

Commissioned all blogs – InsyaAllah will be taking them out of Beta on the 1st Jan 2007.

29 December 06

Happy with the menus ability on all pages. Links the blogs to My Web-site.

28 December 06

Alhamdullilah, some business development initiatives come to position fruition. Started my website.

27 December 06

Updated the menu and trial run for the crawling abilities into the various blogs.

26 December 06

Focus on business development aspects and menus.

Vertical Response Affiliate Program

VerticalResponse, Inc.

25 December 06

Start inserting ads into my blogs. As a token of appreciation insert a counter with their logo onto BLOGGERS LOG.

24 December 06

Delete some software that are slowing down my PC when I am browsing. Post something on PARENTING. And NEWS. Browsing looking for irDA driver for my Nokia 6101. Downloaded by not installed.

23 December 06

Install menu and published the two blogs, LIFE HERE and BLOGGERS LOG. Blogger.com famed the award winning blogging software left Beta.

The other one I had change my idea and I am thinking to make a web-site after considering the developments.

22 December 06

Clear off my PC from Azzerus and Lime, downloaded by my kids. Which leads to slowdown and 1 no 90 gig second hard disk to be corrupted and unreadable. Have to reformat that in the near future. Add tracking and started another two blogs.

20 December 06 -21 December 06

Study html –main purpose to improved the menu. Attend to business development aspects.

First ad was placed, not from google was place into one of the blog.

19 December 06

Place Creative Common Rights link to the Malay Explanation.

18 December 06

placed counters on all pages outstanding pages. The forum triggers me to revisit yahoo and their YPN.

17 December 06

I had to run another test and commissioned all the links that I had placed for their crawling ability. I have to concentrate a lot of efforts on business development aspects and do a lot of searches for this end.

16 December 06

I was invited to an e-forum by one owner of an HTML coding forum.

15 December 06

I had the most amount of visitors thus far. With some returning Seasonal Greetings and well wishes for me and my larger family - members of PERWI. I wish to express my fondest gratitude to all these well wishers

14 December 06

I had send out seasonal greetings to some groups that I am in. Also informing them of my blogs.

Build your own pay-site


11-13 December 06

With the assistance from the forums through reading past postings, I had managed to published all the blogs – shall I say Beta?. I had expressed my gratitude to them accordingly. We discussed many issues including ToS, terms of service of our service providers. The service providers are helpful too, I can generally claimed that anything I asked them through e-mails will be replied within 24 hours. And they are very polite too, the mails are signed by the individuals that attend to my inquiry.

I was still browsing the web and by the 13 December I had installed the hidden counters on the main pages. By US standards, what with 300million population?? it would be quite embarrassing to reveal the numbers of my visitors.

10 December 06

I took a break. With my daughter who will be attending school this coming January 07 we left for Kota Bharu, using public transport, to get one HP product that is on promotion. It was raining and it was a memorable journey for her I should imagine.

7 December 06 – 9 December 06

I was concentrating on two aspects – making the blogs and some business development.

By the 8 December I had sent out my blogs to key individuals whom I think can offer good helpful suggestions. By then my 2 main blogs were ready.

6 December 06

I had to "waste" a day installing all the lost software via IE7 that I had installed.

5 December 06

My PC crashes. I had 2 options, to make good at my supplier’s place in Kota Bharu or do it here locally where there is a PC shop and a cyber cafĂ© which my family frequent. The shop is run by a young girl. I call her up, end up talking to the main technician there, okay I am satisfied by his ability to make good.

I had many things in mind and I am anticipating many business replies. I cannot wait to get my PC in working order. I had to inform my cousin whom I had earlier fixed to go to Kota Bharu for the purposes of making good my PC with his car, my car is down.

One thing I had to sacrifice and make good later, my organizer. I had an organizer which I had been using way back in early 1990s. It comes together with my Lotus Suite, which I bought at that time, costing me, around RM2k. It is now update to version 5 and the software is available from the KB vendor. So basically I am out of many addresses and contact numbers that were stored in that Lotus Organizer.

4 December 06

For many days now I had adopted an open sky policy. Of course, I anticipated that something hostile will drop in uninvited and it may lead to crashes. I had seen instability in the system. I had too do that, in order to know the world about this business – of blogging or running a website. I joined many international on-line forums, do a lot of searches, looking for options and web tools – and I want to know more about this industry including the commercial aspects.

My alerts were grossly revolutionized, generally from social-political paradigm to a highly technical and commercial aspects of internet and computers. The mails were already coming in like nobody business by the 100s in a day.

By this time I had already decided to heavily use and rely on blogger.com I was already playing with their templates.

Friday, December 22, 2006


I am now in Machang, Kelantan, Malaysia for close to two years – two years this 1 January 2007. Life has been rather slow, more so in the economic sense, my economy that is. For the first year my focus has been on reactivating the little rubber plantation that my dad left with the family. Learning one or two things from my cousin an ex army corporal, he has a pension and is a hard working rubber taper. On top of that he was also the secretary to the Ex- Arm Forces Association, Machang branch

For the second year, running - I have tried and seek jobs and to be a teacher in private schools. I guess they think I am over qualified and secondly have no teaching experience, Well typical Malaysian mindset, your profession fits your certificate only, period! As for me I would tried to be a more complete man than one certificate can offer!

I used to say this, “Congratulations, you are going to States to do your PhD? I got this unconventional reply. ”Manan, I will be dumber, I will know only my subject better!” Now he has his Doctorate and still lectures in one of the local University.

Not withstanding all the theories and related practices that I had stomach. I have to come up with something a that can generate income, a business plan? Well some income generating plan, I have more stomachs to fill that any average Malaysian.

I did tried overseas jobs as well, do have interesting reply. My missus disagreed. Thought of driving an unlicensed taxi service ( prebet sapu operator ), again my missus objected to it. Well, I owned a 2000 cc car, a French made Peugeot. High maintenance cost and with cost of fuel rising sharply over a couple of years - the fares remains the same. All the taxi operators are yelling for help! The only logical conclusion is to follow my missus advice, I had to abandon the idea. So much so that I spent a lot of my time on my PC. Literally, I am in my house, most of the time, yawning ha!, but I do watch the world goes by via the internet, much more than RTM or CNN can offer.

As it approaches the end of the year, my head was pre-occupied with what should I do next! What can I do? Has to come up with something? I cannot go on yawning! ha ha! By the first of December, I have concluded, my PC is my best pal, now. I should turned it to be my employer. After all I have been working with friends all my life thus far. With that in mind I made a call to a much younger friend, I know him as a webmaster, an ICT savvy guy!

1. From Dec 1 to Dec 3 .

A senior used to ask me to run my own blog about G6PD. Now I am thinking of creating my own web-site, what for….On that basis to start, I made that call that have defined how me spent the next coming few weeks since then…. Of course I exaggerated a bit on what I thought of doing….below I am the caller…

2. Inside my head.

I used to do my own web-site way back in mid 90s or so under geocities before it was sold to yahoo! At that time I had to learn HTML. Going through the web…I thought damned …now they have xhtml, xml, CSS, Java-script, Json …and so many other things. This old dog will have to pick it up! I think that young guy will just shoot me down, in Malaysia people think that something not in your area, it ain’t easy!

But we have something in common we came from the same school, it is a norm that the school produces unconventional jerks. Never mind, see what happens…after all I know how web-hosting business is run in the States, through the net. Give it a go…

3 rd Dec 2006.

Caller : I am thinking of running a web-hosting business. What do you think?

(The answer can be ..many, it can be as simple as – hi, be my agent, but he is unconventional too)

Answer : I have been doing that, the income is not that exorbitant as people think.

I tell you what, why don’t you run a blog? He sent be two bloggers site, one is

a Malaysian an another a well know pro blogger, Australian is he?

Caller : Okay, I will think about it?

I then started my work while asking a few tips. Starting is easy…to keep it going may be more difficult. I gave myself a month and thinking of launching the sites 1 Jan 2007.

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