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Friday, May 4, 2007

9 Mar - 30 Mar

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Friday 30 March 2007

Went to Kota Bharu to be present at my uncle's bereavement

The blogger had included in Comfort Zones a talk by Javad Zarifat the Iranian UN Ambassador on US-Iran and the Nuclear Issue.

Today is the first time I am placing a Malaysian banner into my blogs.

Thursday 29 March 2007

Reached home about 12.30 pm and attend to the e-mails and place the invitation below for more details visit the invitation.

1.Ceramah - Pemikiran Dan Visi Tun Abdul Razak Tentang Pendidikan Dan Pembangunan Orang Melayu. Penyampai: Y.B.M. Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah Ahli Parlimen Gua Musang.

Rendered in English : Forum – The thinking and Vision of Tun Abdul Razak (Second Prime minister of Malaysia) on Education and Development of the Malays. Speaker YBM Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah MP of Gua Musang.

Wednesday 28 March 2007

In the mourning start the PC and discovered that my foot was swelling. After discussing with my missus and making a few calls on the advice of a Dr Friend I decided to go to HUSM (University Science Malaysia, Hospital) was there for a night. Thank God all my organs were okay and no weak heart, diabetes or hypertension.

Tuesday 27 March 2007

In the mourning went to Land office to pay the annual land taxes.

In the afternoon two new article as below, enjoy reading and watching the video.

1.In Parenting, The Art of Non Violent - Its virtues & effectiveness

2.In Computers & Internet, My (favorite) top four FireFox addons complete with video illustrations

Monday 26 March 2007

Spend quality time with my youngest daughter in Machang town where we had "soup perut" with "Mee hoon" (Intestines Soup with rice noodle) and we went to Expo IAT (Industri Asas Tani / Agro based Industry) held on the town (municipal) field.

Sunday 25 March 2007

The whole day was in KB, HUSM attending to my appointment. Public transport here is just as good as the 1970s. Have to leave Machang at about just after 8 am for and 11am- 1 pm exercise in HUSM. Was back in Machang only about 6pm enough time to attend to e-mails in late evening

Saturday 24 March 2007

Spend the day to make a floor plan for a simple house in my kampong and attended to placing ads of recently agreeable merchants into certain blogs.

Friday 23 March 2007

Try to syndicate mare ads from merchants and placing more ads into the blogs.

Thursday 22 March 2007

As an attempt of soft promotion of my blogs I had created a simple blog in myspace. The URL is http://www.myspace.com/matlesen. and to access any of my of the blogs click at [View All Blog Entries] in the mid section after my avatar.

Wednesday 21 March 2007

Several ads were placed and two new items :-

2. a Video of a seventies song Wish you were here, by Pink Floyd

Tuesday 20 March 2007

Some ads were placed in various blogs. A reporters item was place in Computers and Internet Bill Gates and the PC ads

Monday 19 March 2007

At noon received a call telling that the power pack have to be changed. I instructed the Technician to off and then turn on again,the CPU, he said that's okay. Then I requested him to on the CPU for 3 or four hours before I go to the shop to check further on functionalities of software and to install irDA .

Went to the shop in the afternoon and spent 3 hours before the technician sent me home with the PC. I think 90% of what I intended to do is done. I praying hard that it will not give me further problems.

Sunday 18 March 2007

More ads were added too various blogs then the power pack of my pc blew. Manage to get the local PC outlet to pick up in the afternoon.

The age of my present computer is almost 4 years. This few days I have to change the sound card and now the power pack.

I spent my time sketching some plans for a house.

Auto Response Software & Services

Saturday 17 March 2007

The following blog were added, with a new posting click the notice to read them.

1. in Simple Pleasures read Favorite Versus

More ads were added too various blogs.

Friday 16 March 2007

As a Blogger blogging for some cash. Today I had spent my time putting more advertisements into my blogs.

I had improved and standardized all the search boxes in all the blogs.

Thursday 15 March 2007

The following blog were added, with new posting click the notice to read them.

1.Looking for a roof over our heads

More ads were added too.

Wednesday 14 March 2007

The following aticles to the relatives blogs were added, click the notice to read them.

1.in Comfort Zone, Malaysian Economy health perspective – in video

2.in Gold WanSom - accumulating Gold for personal financial plan

More ads were added too.

Tuesday 13 March 2007

Today I spent the whole day en-route to HUSM, treatment at HUSM and en-route back home.

Had the bad following experience in HUSM. With a local Doctor’s advice, who quoted the best example, himself, who received medical treatment from HUSM based on his missus GL (Guarantee Letter). I took with me a GL, from my eldest daughter. While I was there my uncle and cousin who were eye witnesses did observe that the counter girl were insisting on payment and I did gave her a partial 50% payment. Now with the GL she told me that she adviced me on that day to bring a GL – that’s a BIG lie. She now refuses to review the rates or amount which was imposed on me and still pursuing that I make full payment. I Had enough with HUSM, this time my patience had burst its limit and I am going to write a complain cc to the local MP, Head of Taksiran, Head of Kampus and head of Hospital. InsyaAllah by end of next week those letters were reached them.

Monday 12 March 2007

Add more ads to the blogs. Unable to proceed the PC crashed thus the partial completion of only the Qur'anic video verses on show. Would like very much to proceed further and concluded the favorite verses but was handicapped by the PC.

Sunday 11 March 2007

Posts 2 new posts in the blogs Simple Pleasures
1. Gary Rafferty's - Baker Street, that will allow listeners to touch base to the meaningless life system push down our throat through Westernism and
2. Du'a or supplications of the Saint of Herat to enforce the meaninglessness further and multiply it in vast numbers.

Saturday 10 March 2007

Posts 2 new posts in the blogs Computer & internet

1. Firefox add-ons, that will allow readers to touch ground to the open system adopt by mozilla-firefox-thunderbird-google and

2. 15 Ads, PC Guy vs Mac Guy, that will gives us an open mind about the world of computin

Friday 9 March 2007

The following blogs were added, click the notice to read them.

1.The gist of the CMs Meeting No4 Dewan Beta

2.Nulli Secundus Mission 2010: a thesis for betterment

A clock is inserted in the Perwi page. Further upnloading certain softwares to update the computer was done.

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