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Sunday, February 4, 2007

21 Jan - 4 Feb

Sunday 4 February 2007

I have posted 3 videos in the following blogs,
1. Comfort Zones impeach Bush before he attack Iran
2. Simple Pleasures, listen to an oldies from Johnny Cash Country Boy
3. Simple pleasure listen a a Cockney Londoner , Ian Dury with his number what a waste

I had updated snippets at various locations in various blogs. Spent some time on self study too, on search engines and SEO.

Saturday 3 February 2007

I am still on a learning curve, both from the technical and commercial aspects of blogging as such I had spent some time on these.

I upload my first video upload into the blog. That’s just nice for PERWI’s committee members will also be having a meeting next weekend. Click here to watch the video. I had upload Ami’s welcome to idealist.org meeting. I have been receiving e-mails from Idealist.org and they are propagating this idea of putting up meetings across the globe, anywhere and everywhere. What I like about Ami’s statement is that we have enough resource. Globally speaking, I will buy that – we do have enough resource, it is a matter distribution and craze of capitalism that hurting 2/3 of the world’s population. The concentration of resource is killing humanity in a big way.

Friday 2 February 2007,

I had placed a feedback form in the [ PERWI HOME ] blog , (click here) to see, a feed back form. Readers are welcome to give any feed back.

Yesterday I had spent some time putting widgets into the PERWI blog. To make it more user friendly. Readers are welcome to any blog by giving a click on those underlined or differently coloured fonts (names of the bogs). The same method to be employed if readers wish to access details of the text or banners ads. Today my emphasis is to linked up my website [ Matlesen Malaysia ] to all my other blogs. I had deleted my profile on the blogs, now readers have to click on the links to see my profile.

I had added more ads into the blogs and will be continuing doing so tomorrow.The posting done today is [ My 4 Favorite buttons (click here)]

Thursday 1 February 2007

No line monsieur, they would not have said that, it was an Islamic Bank not Spanish. I was there since it opened its door. Waited for half an hour or so but they could not hook up with their HQ line (computer line ), it's nothing to do with a holiday in KL. With computers that's the drawback. I walked to the local market and had my blue Nasi Kerabu there , I was with my youngest daughter. Is this the service supplied by Telekoms Malaysia? nobody in the bank, including the bank officers knew for sure. It was at 11.30am I managed to complete what I had wanted to do courtesy of a bank officer who called me to the counter disregarding the numbers obtained from the machine. I did not bother to rush to the machine when the line was on again, the officer knew I was among the earliest there.

Placed 2 more ads in the blogs. Update all the snippets in the [ PERWI HOME ] blog , (click here) to visit and gives it a face lift. While you are there try the following; key in PERWI in the answer box at press the button below the words then do the same for Abe Ma6, interesting isn’t it?

No posting today, it is a Federal Territory day in Kuala Lumpur. Ha, ha! Have a good three days break for those working class in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Wednesday 31 January 2007

Continued yesterday’s - on social related works. My thinking is that to allow the lady who administered our local Alumni to be the moderator for our local e-group. Have to slowly bring her into the level with adequate basic knowledge like incorporating new members into the group and reactivating bouncing e-mails. I had made her the moderator to allow her to develop the required competency and for her to acquire the basic skills. Our main Alumni is progressing well with ICT thanks to the younger generations.

Today there are new readers in Thailand, Indonesia and Africa. I had identified three typosquatters using the misspelled version of blogspot domain which is the main domain for my blogs. And naming their blogs the same as mine. I should not reveal their names here for that will tantamount to cheap publicity and and free promotion of their sites. That may be that’s what they are looking for. I had informed the larger family of the existence of those sites and their names. May be they would like to see what sites they are.

The only party that has an interest and the right to know about them are the owners of blogspot domain. Should they inquire I will provide the full details.Computer & Internet [click here] to read about typosquatting and cybersquatting.

Tuesday 30 January 2007

Spend time on social related works. Was calling Kota Bharu and chat with people in Kuala Lumpur. For that purposes I feel I had achieved some good things for a reasonable among of people. Today is the first time, as indicated by the analytics that my blog is read in China, it is a pretty fulfilling experience.

Written and post a trip to Batu Talam, the ghost that is haunting the people’s mind [click here]

Monday 29 January 2007

Went to my child’s school in the morning. The standard 1 girl had a test recently and yesterday the school began to implement placing the kids in classes according to their exam results.

Learn some html and try them on e-mails. Try to learn some googlepages stuff. Follow some developments Windows Vista launching.

If anyone find something interesting and beneficial to them do inform me.through the comments section of this blog. I am trying to download the anti phishing and hacking, I am getting this nasty feeling that I am a victim of both!

Here something from the launching windows wow launching gave ideas…Top ten things to try with Windows Vista.

Sunday 28 January 2007

1. Wrote and post comparative expenses part 2

2. Place a link to an interesting site reporting

Malaysian Prime Minister New RM200million jet

Saturday 27 January 2007

Run a test by placing a link to receive money. Placing them on every blog seems to be time consuming.

Post Comparative expenses

Friday 26 January 2007

Have to check whether the analytics are functioning okay. And amended accordingly.

Thought of stopping chasing affiliations and time to consolidate what is in hand.

Post news on madness of a war memo

Thursday 25 January 2007

Concentrate on google group familitokjenalkaya. It is still in beta mode. This is the first time I really went into details pretty impressive compare to their humble beginnings. A group member can chat straight from the home page to a particular topic. Updating is done in view of the promotion box that is placed in Gold WanSom

Updated blogroll and updated my profile profile in the group. More importantly mow that I am in fourteen other public forum groups of google.

Thinking of posting into comparative abundance as a reminder to our young ones.

Wednesday 24 January 2007

Trying hard to get some niche ads on my blogs. Manage get to 2 tonight. Do a face lift to certain blogs, update some snippets but again beauty is relative. Amend the bloggers profile and put more fats or rather meat onto the profile page.

Blogger.com did some routine maintenance that unable to focus and do things to the blogs.

Tuesday 23 January 2007

a blogger@work

Devoted the day to attend to the needs of the standard one kids. Only in the evening dedicated to the blogs - posting a blogger's day

Monday 22 January 2007

A friend from KL drop in, he is our Alumni’s webmaster. We spend some two hours together talking about our Alumni’s intention of getting a server and all the domains the Alumni’s is having, about our mailbox, about browsers.

For all my blogs I had inserted a translation box into 6 other languages and placed analytics in all the them.

Sunday 21 January 2007

Today is a holiday in my state, a Hijrah new year holiday. I did browsing again. For the the new blogs . I only checked and updated the links to other blogs and placed some new ads.

I had tested using html to send my emails out. It is functioning well.

I had also make plans along the lines I am proceeding and set up a target for total completion by 1st of June 2007 and place a milestone for checking on 30th March 2007.

Completed another page for my website, have not linked to my website. I had published the Website for there was a complain that I had a broken link or linked to a site under construction.

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