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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

20 - 27 May 07

Sunday 27 May 2007

Add 2 posts

1. Bertie Ahern - Taosearch for the third time in the Celtic Tiger Economy

2. Contact lens solution pulled after it is linked to infections

Saturday 26 May 2007

I saw that my kids start downloading too Korean - My girl, My girl and I and The Perfect Couple.

Friday 25 May 2007

Today I downloaded "Azureus" , my kids are coming back from boarding school and universities. My primary school kids are on a two weeks leave as well. They are fond of English (American), Korean and Malay telenovela or soap-operas and films. I downloaded the whole second episode of "prison break". I too slow down on my works with the blogs.

Thursday 24 May 2007

At noon I was at the National Registration Department. In Malaysians all Citizen 12 years above have to have a National Registered Identity Card (NRIC) issued by the department to be an official ID. This practice started during the Emergency Period when Malaysia, then Malaya, was battling against the terrorism from Communist Party of Malaya. I was there to make a NRIC for my son who had reached 12 years old.

1. See Goals Highlights AC Milan Vs Liverpool

2. A post Investing - Basics A video

3. How to add adsense to new Blogger

Wednesday 23 May 2007

Received Some cash from rubber sold. Posts

1. Had Microsoft bought Yahoo?
2. A video - invest your money in Gold
3. days of fighting in Tripoli, Lebanon.

Tuesday 22 May 2007

1. A day in Sri Nipah Resorts Bachok for AGM, Tahlil & Thanksgiving.
2. A video, Kedudukan Kelantan - Kewangan, Jenayah & Rasuah (Kelantan's position)-
Finance, Criminal and Corruption.
3. Aspirasi Pembangkan - PRU selepas pengalaman Ijok (Opposition's Inspiration - for the
coming election after Ijok bye election.
4. A video Getting started with blogger below

Monday 21 May 2007

Visited Monday Market a local version of all in flea market - food, delicatessen, fabrics, cloth, fruits, shoes, farm produced - everything.


1. A Media Statement from The Foundation for the Future
2. Soccer FA England results chelsea vs manchester united

Sunday 20 May 2007

Did not devote much time to the blogs. Did surf the net to learn more.

Monday, May 14, 2007

13 - 19 May 07

Getting Started with Blogger

Saturay 19 May 2005

Visits you tube looking for suitable videos and spent a time catching up with the news

Friday 18 May 2007

Post State Censorship on Global Net

Thursday 17 May 2007

Streamyx service was cut off due to errors in accounts keeping.

Wednesday 16 May 2007

Went to KB with Son and missus.

Tuesday 15 May 2007

Place a post titled microsft unveils their unified communications strategy

Monday 14 May 2007

Make changes to the search box after realising that one of the domain can no longer be search through google search. Some ads were also place and some face lift on the blogs.

A Post Prince to pay for all his wedding expenses

Videos posted as below:-
1. Kedudukan Kelantan
2. PRK Ijok Apa yang anda tidak degar dari RTM
3. After RPK Ijok - anticipation pembangkang for a democratic reforms and tranparency

Sunday 13 May 2007

Proceed with linking the blogs through the ads - in contextual ads within each blogs but still a long way to go. Completed linking the new blog Domains & WebHosting

Place a post in Rangking of Search Engines as of February 2007

Saturday, May 12, 2007

6-12 May 07

Saturday 12 May 2007

Create the required links on the new blogs and amended all the links in other blogs. Proceed further with Amazon.com stuffs. Add more links to the concept of contextual banner ads.

I thought that – high time for me to proceed along this manner (contextual advertising) because I have enough ads to go on without any duplicity of ads.

Included a video Nikah in Thailand

Friday 11 May 2007

Redo the blogs WebHosting and titled it Domains & Webhosting. I do not quite like the look of the previous one.

Created more links via the ads.

Thursday 10 May 2007

Received confirmation of the Time Share booking for a Caravan Weekend for my daughter in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia.

Revisit Amazon.com. Place some banner ads and amakase from amazon.com into the blogs to cover the spaces created due to archiving.

Place a post will Kelantanese be richer?.

Revisit e-gold and place an ad to open an e-gold account.

Wednesday 9 May 2007

Proceeded with yesterday’s work.

Tested the link created for the ads, well they are far from finishing yet. Thanks to Cooliris addons it was quite easily done and without the regular interruptions from traffic exchanges.

Tuesday 8 May 2007

Continue with yesterday’s outstanding works on adsense channel and contextual banner advertising, which is still not fully completed.

Interesting received an e-mail saying that my blogs are being made into a sandbox, God Willing no hacking please and no stealing of any revenues generated by my blogs.

Monday 7 May 2007

Proceed with Adsense Channel even at the cost of some ads have to be abandoned. Proceed to other blogs doing channeled ads for adsense.

The other thing that was done was to sort of contextualized the ads according to the blogs, this will consumed some time, this effort is made more complicated by the archiving done by bloggers.com. For now the blogs are linked in two ways. One via the links on the header and footer of the blogs and the other via the ads that may interest the individual visitor.

Placed 2 posting in the blogs

1. Notes on Forex

2. Marriage in Islam

Tried to study more on google’s analytics, have not put any effort to fully utilized them.

Sunday 6 May 2007

Update Bloggers log with some reshuffling of contents to ensure that the archiving system on the blog will works well and will not disrupt the contents of the blog later on in future. Decided not to key in the diaries of some days in April and instead to focus more on the future.

Study Adsense Channels and start implementing them. Most of the blogs have been done with but have to proceed more, on that tomorrow.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

1-5 may

Saturday 5 May 2007

Focusing on the blog Money & Travels. Look into ads and will be organized according to titled and most money making invitations and opportunities will be located in Money & Travels.

Friday 4 May 2007

My son was discharged today. Face lift to this blog was completed. I will be placing ads progressively into this blog on its side bar.
My next focus to face lift is the blog Money & Travels.

Thursday 3 May 2007

Offered my daughter to use my Time Share for a Caravan Weekend in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia. She said yes, I book via email after failing to contact the Time Share reservation services by telephone. I opted then by calling the resort to check on their availability. My Son had his tonsillitis surgery today.

Lot more ads are added into the blogs. 2 blogs are full up with ads.

Wednesday 2 May 2007

Its another holiday here in Malaysia, Wesak day, A Buddhist Holy Day . My son went to hospital USM to check in for tonsillitis surgery.

Placed a video in a blog highlights (goals only) of the Champions League second leg between Manchester United and AC Milan.

Places two videos highlights (the goal and penalty shoot outs) between Liverpool and Chelsea.

Tuesday 1 May 2007

Today is a public holiday, Labor day. No schooling for the kids. I took it as a rest day too after the exhaustion of traveling.

There was a tahlil (prayer for the deceased) for a neighbor’s wife, a teacher and another neighbor’s grandmother, which I had to missed for being too exhausted.

Friday, May 4, 2007

23-30 april

Monday 30 April 2007

It was a holiday for my kids in Perak, Kuala Kangsar, they are in a boarding school where I spent the weekend. A lot of the student went back to their respective kampongs (village/home town).

I arrived in Tanah Merah at 3.30am managed to get a lift from a colleague’s dad who came to fetch his son who was at the old boys weekend too. Reached my Kampong at about 4.00am, tried to wake up somebody but failed and I slept in the local mosque.

After breakfast and a brief returned home to place my baggage together with my cousin and uncle we went to Tanah Merah to buy a circular saw and cylindrical knob lockset.

The rest of the day I spent my time on my PC.

Income from the Net

Friday 27April 2007 – Sunday 29 April 2007

Was in Kuala Kangsar for our annual ritual, the old boys weekend, at our Alma Matter. Slept in the Pavilion –what used to be the Form Six hostel. Arrived there at 3.30am and depart at 10.30pm on Sunday night.

Thursday 26 April 2007

Reorganized the blogs so as to ensure that what is desired to be achieve is done so. Post a video Injustice in our midst regarding jailing Malaysian without due process of the law under the notorious Internal Security Act. The Final Article Gold - using it to attend to your needs is posted into the blog Gold WanSom. Left the house at 7.00pm my cousin from Tanah Merah fetch me from my house to take a bus there to Kuala Kangsar.

Wednesday 25 April 2007

Place some ads into the blogs. Place a video on highlights of the Champions league semi final first leg match between Manchester United and AC Milan and a video on where to get an open system to watch sports

Tuesday 24 April 2007

Do a lot of visiting for prime news around the world. Include an extract of a news paper report on my son in the school debating team the won the first price in a National debate contest organized by the International Islamic University Malaysia. debat anjuran UIAM

Monday 23 April 2007

There is going to be a by-election in Ijok in Selangor due to the death of a State Assembly man. While reading the news on the issues I found an interesting analysis of phantom voters and chances of the coming winners Click here to read about it

Friday 6 April 2007

more videos on British Sailors leaving Tehran for London

Thursday 5 April 2007

"Call that Humiliation" and a video on the British Sailors held captive in Iran

Wednesday 4 April 2007

Keep up with the international developments Politically and Socially. Study Googles Videos with a view of using them in the blogs

Tuesday 3 April 2007

Study Yahoo Videos and look at the possibility of utilising them in any of the Blogs.

Monday 2 April 2007

Study in details the range of You Tube available to be utilised for the blogs.

Sunday 1 April 2007

Place more ads into the blogs.

Saturday 31 March 2007

Place more ads in the blogs. Attend to e-mails and latest world news

The blogger had included in Computer and internet a short write on security, SSL

Also included in Simple Pleasures Don't Worry be Happy in line with the local holiday - the Sultan's birthday.

9 Mar - 30 Mar

WebSiteWizard to assist you to

Build a page. Build a website. Build a business.

Friday 30 March 2007

Went to Kota Bharu to be present at my uncle's bereavement

The blogger had included in Comfort Zones a talk by Javad Zarifat the Iranian UN Ambassador on US-Iran and the Nuclear Issue.

Today is the first time I am placing a Malaysian banner into my blogs.

Thursday 29 March 2007

Reached home about 12.30 pm and attend to the e-mails and place the invitation below for more details visit the invitation.

1.Ceramah - Pemikiran Dan Visi Tun Abdul Razak Tentang Pendidikan Dan Pembangunan Orang Melayu. Penyampai: Y.B.M. Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah Ahli Parlimen Gua Musang.

Rendered in English : Forum – The thinking and Vision of Tun Abdul Razak (Second Prime minister of Malaysia) on Education and Development of the Malays. Speaker YBM Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah MP of Gua Musang.

Wednesday 28 March 2007

In the mourning start the PC and discovered that my foot was swelling. After discussing with my missus and making a few calls on the advice of a Dr Friend I decided to go to HUSM (University Science Malaysia, Hospital) was there for a night. Thank God all my organs were okay and no weak heart, diabetes or hypertension.

Tuesday 27 March 2007

In the mourning went to Land office to pay the annual land taxes.

In the afternoon two new article as below, enjoy reading and watching the video.

1.In Parenting, The Art of Non Violent - Its virtues & effectiveness

2.In Computers & Internet, My (favorite) top four FireFox addons complete with video illustrations

Monday 26 March 2007

Spend quality time with my youngest daughter in Machang town where we had "soup perut" with "Mee hoon" (Intestines Soup with rice noodle) and we went to Expo IAT (Industri Asas Tani / Agro based Industry) held on the town (municipal) field.

Sunday 25 March 2007

The whole day was in KB, HUSM attending to my appointment. Public transport here is just as good as the 1970s. Have to leave Machang at about just after 8 am for and 11am- 1 pm exercise in HUSM. Was back in Machang only about 6pm enough time to attend to e-mails in late evening

Saturday 24 March 2007

Spend the day to make a floor plan for a simple house in my kampong and attended to placing ads of recently agreeable merchants into certain blogs.

Friday 23 March 2007

Try to syndicate mare ads from merchants and placing more ads into the blogs.

Thursday 22 March 2007

As an attempt of soft promotion of my blogs I had created a simple blog in myspace. The URL is http://www.myspace.com/matlesen. and to access any of my of the blogs click at [View All Blog Entries] in the mid section after my avatar.

Wednesday 21 March 2007

Several ads were placed and two new items :-

2. a Video of a seventies song Wish you were here, by Pink Floyd

Tuesday 20 March 2007

Some ads were placed in various blogs. A reporters item was place in Computers and Internet Bill Gates and the PC ads

Monday 19 March 2007

At noon received a call telling that the power pack have to be changed. I instructed the Technician to off and then turn on again,the CPU, he said that's okay. Then I requested him to on the CPU for 3 or four hours before I go to the shop to check further on functionalities of software and to install irDA .

Went to the shop in the afternoon and spent 3 hours before the technician sent me home with the PC. I think 90% of what I intended to do is done. I praying hard that it will not give me further problems.

Sunday 18 March 2007

More ads were added too various blogs then the power pack of my pc blew. Manage to get the local PC outlet to pick up in the afternoon.

The age of my present computer is almost 4 years. This few days I have to change the sound card and now the power pack.

I spent my time sketching some plans for a house.

Auto Response Software & Services

Saturday 17 March 2007

The following blog were added, with a new posting click the notice to read them.

1. in Simple Pleasures read Favorite Versus

More ads were added too various blogs.

Friday 16 March 2007

As a Blogger blogging for some cash. Today I had spent my time putting more advertisements into my blogs.

I had improved and standardized all the search boxes in all the blogs.

Thursday 15 March 2007

The following blog were added, with new posting click the notice to read them.

1.Looking for a roof over our heads

More ads were added too.

Wednesday 14 March 2007

The following aticles to the relatives blogs were added, click the notice to read them.

1.in Comfort Zone, Malaysian Economy health perspective – in video

2.in Gold WanSom - accumulating Gold for personal financial plan

More ads were added too.

Tuesday 13 March 2007

Today I spent the whole day en-route to HUSM, treatment at HUSM and en-route back home.

Had the bad following experience in HUSM. With a local Doctor’s advice, who quoted the best example, himself, who received medical treatment from HUSM based on his missus GL (Guarantee Letter). I took with me a GL, from my eldest daughter. While I was there my uncle and cousin who were eye witnesses did observe that the counter girl were insisting on payment and I did gave her a partial 50% payment. Now with the GL she told me that she adviced me on that day to bring a GL – that’s a BIG lie. She now refuses to review the rates or amount which was imposed on me and still pursuing that I make full payment. I Had enough with HUSM, this time my patience had burst its limit and I am going to write a complain cc to the local MP, Head of Taksiran, Head of Kampus and head of Hospital. InsyaAllah by end of next week those letters were reached them.

Monday 12 March 2007

Add more ads to the blogs. Unable to proceed the PC crashed thus the partial completion of only the Qur'anic video verses on show. Would like very much to proceed further and concluded the favorite verses but was handicapped by the PC.

Sunday 11 March 2007

Posts 2 new posts in the blogs Simple Pleasures
1. Gary Rafferty's - Baker Street, that will allow listeners to touch base to the meaningless life system push down our throat through Westernism and
2. Du'a or supplications of the Saint of Herat to enforce the meaninglessness further and multiply it in vast numbers.

Saturday 10 March 2007

Posts 2 new posts in the blogs Computer & internet

1. Firefox add-ons, that will allow readers to touch ground to the open system adopt by mozilla-firefox-thunderbird-google and

2. 15 Ads, PC Guy vs Mac Guy, that will gives us an open mind about the world of computin

Friday 9 March 2007

The following blogs were added, click the notice to read them.

1.The gist of the CMs Meeting No4 Dewan Beta

2.Nulli Secundus Mission 2010: a thesis for betterment

A clock is inserted in the Perwi page. Further upnloading certain softwares to update the computer was done.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

5 Feb - 8 Mar 07

Thursday 8 March 2007

The CM’s of PERWI will have a meeting ( no 5 ) schedule on a Saturday the 10 March 2007 at the Chairperson’s residence. This date coincide with the early school break with a view to allow an for opportunity for CM’s outside Klang to be present and participate in the meeting.

The purpose of the meting is to review activities carried out throughout 2006 and including to come with a program for 2007, especially the premier program, The First PERWI Annual General Meeting schedule to be on the 2 June 2007 as agreed at the last CM’s meeting.

Will spend sometime today to download from the open system had download a few yesterday using IE7 including Opera and FF2, Nokia Suite and FF add-ons, will have to continue later.

Wednesday 7 March 2007

On the 7 March make good again. On the 8 commissioned and run, producing the first message translating the Secretary’s public notice.

Wednesday 14 February until 23 February 2007

Went MIA from the 14 February until 23 February 2007 attempted to make good the PC but it was not functional. Discover that the power cables have been loose.

Tuesday 13 February 2007

Did some adjustments to advertisements in all the block. Include a C-box in the PERWI blogs. Comments have been little and far between. My PC Crashed.

MaxBounty Affiliate Program

Sunday 11 February 2007

Start about noon for almost 5 continuous hours do the placing of search boxes and some amendments to the links . Visitors with problems due to links breaking down, please do inform me.

Today for the first time we have visitors to the site from East Malaysia, state of Sarawak, Kuching.

The presence of search boxes and answer boxes on all the blogs, hopefully gives the readers some convenience that they do not have to leave the site especially those who enjoy full-screen reading. Further the present Malaysian generation of early thirties, as a whole – their English are considerably poorer than my generation.

Check tentative date and venue of PERWI’s first AGM click here PERWI

Saturday 10 February 2007

Concentrate on placing search boxes in the blogs and website. But progress was rather slow, probably the other counterpart is doing maintenance or their robot or spiders are roaming the sites. Do some ads placement too.

In the evening we have our gotong-royong (mass-mobilization) among neighbors to do cleaning and clearing of the drains, compound and the children playground.

Friday 9 February 2007

In the morning I attended to my emails. Push off back to my kampong to do the Friday Congressional Prayers. Went early to observe the developments of renovation works to the local mosque and to get some feedback from my uncle, who is the treasurer of the committee. I sense that some earlier hick ups have improved though not totally straightened up. Then key man who was involved in the releasing of the funds have also been identified.

I would like to suggest that in all future projects finance by federal funds via JPP for mosque renovations be done through the committee of the mosque concerned

Completion target though not a fixed date have been established. Major finishing works are still in progress and carpet have been placed at the newly created prayer space. Abuse of funds for mosque renovation seems like a norm in this part of the state where funds are release through political channel. Politicians representing the Federal government and federal government bureaucracy have to stemmed their foot and straightened this up before it is turned into a sour point proving the Federal Government incompetence and utter social apathy to the aspirations of the local community.

Misi Anda ....?

Thursday 8 February 2007

In the morning did some work on the PC to identify the problem. Using e-trust pestcontrol form computer associates (ca) I managed to identify the culprit responsible for the instability, there were two, basically they fall under the category spyware and they are Limewire and Kazaa. I did manage to quarantine them.

1. A new post in doing up the HoW (click here) Comfort Zones.

In the afternoon, I attended a meeting at Sek Ren Hamzah2 organized by PIBG for parents with Standard Six kids to discuss the program for excellent performance for the coming UPSR. As an exercise of self restraint I did not speak publicly, just in case the public got a wrong idea. I do give a thumb up for the amount of time they spend with the students and that’s a phenomenon in Kelantan but the quantity do not, I believed, commensurate the quality produced. I spoke to a male teacher in private and I think he saw my point of view, and did mention to a lady teacher, my Primary Schoolmate that, I may be writing something in my blog on the issue.

2. Post Doa selamat untuk Anak Ina yang akan ke Australia (click here )

Do up the website by putting up among other things a search box.

Wednesday 7 February 2007

In the morning I went to the bank, BIMB to deposit some cash into my HSBC accounts. I was held up by the lady who had asked me to prove that I am BIMB Kota Bharu branch account holder as I had claimed. I gave her my previous deposit slip and further she asked me for my NRIC. She said that now, it is BIMB’s policy to serve only their customers for IBG services. That’s weird cause I thought the Bank should proved to me of their good service then that might make me opened an account at their bank.

Still concentrating on stabilizing my PC. Using Flock browser I managed to add more ads to 2 other blogs and amend some widgets. I took the opportunity to learn more about Flock and photobucket, I knew about photobucket when some seniors used it for the photopages.

Tuesday 6 February 2007

I had to spend some time redo my PC . Stabilized it but in the process I had to delete a few softwares including the multimedia audio controller. What’s going on? God knows best. So I am down and could not post videos for a few days until I find some money to make good the near crash.

Yesterday manage to do only face lifts to include some ads on two blogs and to redo the search box on the main page. Other than that was trying to download some driver for video audio but fail to find a correct match, have identified the software no and will be trying again tomorrow. I Could not relocate my CD that contain the driver.

I do not know if it is due to phishing, I cannot operate IE7 and Firefox runs slowly, with other security softwares interupting. I could not even have AVG to scan my PC, it says my electronic number do not tally will their records. I made a bill payment via HSBC, I believed that they are very secured for they provide users with a device that generate the access code. After I logged out from HSBC two local banks web sites emerges on my browser. The first one with a drop down telling me that it was a bogus site designed to get clients’ passwords and that was an example. May be these banks have some traffic arrangements with HSBC. I have to rely on FLOCK browser. This social browser performs better, it seems

Monday 5 February 2007

I had to spend some four hours today to collect income from rubber sales. Earlier I place some ads in one of the blogs.

I have posted 2 more videos in the following blogs,

1. Money & Travels an animated proposal (click here to watch)

2. Life Style, listen to a stage performance Teasing a party anthem (click here to listen)

Enjoy yourself.

Shareresults Affiliate Program

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