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Sunday, June 10, 2007

28 May - 9 June 07.

Saturday 9 June 07

Make two postings visit Tech Connection #5 on You Tube and Jurulatih sukarela mampu bentuk pasukan berjaya

Friday 8 June 07

My Son studying in a boarding school here gone back to his school for a weekend Rugby training. The School will start on Sunday.

Have to make a new pair of glasses for my year 3 kid in order to capitalize on the school holiday sales.

Update myspace ( URL http://www.myspace.com/matlesen ) after I realized that some the links are broken. I also include a few "affiliates" banners after realizing the myspace only accept html but not javascript.

Thursday 7 June 07

Include news about Malaysian PM coming wedding.

Wednesday 6 June 07

Include postings on Coming Rugby world Cup draws from you tube and Why use GMail from GMail Theater.

Implement for the first time "mash" method of importing news into the blog America Newest Celebrity Couple which I realized on the 31st May 07.

The rubber dealer came to hand me the cash from the sales of rubber. There is a slight increased in productivity after the wet season which is followed by the trees shedding their leaves and also the price of rubber increased by a ringgit for every kilogram. However this is offset by the school holidays where tappers take leaves to visit their working kids.

Tuesday 5 June 07

The locked was uplifted, that was prompt for the warning stated to allow for two working days.

Monday 4 June 07

I realized that one of my blog was locked. I wrote in to blogger.com. I was not able to do any posting to that blog.

Make a posting - on the "civil war" spreading in Lebanon

Sunday 3 June 07

May and June have been quite a month for ICT and related technology with the British Launching their Skynet 5. Israel putting their own new satellite. Microsoft accused of "encouraging" malwares and Microsoft buying Aquantive, a digital marketing firm.

Though I followed the news closely I had not published them in any of my blogs.

Saturday 2 June 07

Talk to my son, the rugby player. I sense that this year the should be a Rugby World Cup and if
it is played in the Northern Hemisphere, it should be anytime now. He was not sure of the time but as for the venue he was positive, France.

Friday 1 June 07

I was accepted to use the new "mash" method to include news in my blogs in written or video form.

Thursday 31 May 07

Include a video Iraq's thermal brigades

I realized a new method call "mash" to include news from various newscasters via an e-mail.

Wednesday 30 May 07

I had misunderstood the adsense channels. The style I had program enable me to see which blog is frequently click but not at which location. The reason being I had cluster the ads for one blog together instead of on location basis.

Tuesday 29 May 07

Just read e-mails at times looking into You Tubes.

Allowed the kids a free hand to use the PC to watch the soap operas they downloaded especially I had all the schooling kids and at the University back and I have not replaced the idiot box that went dead

Mon 28 May 07

Allowed the kids to used the computer. Only read e-mails. Insert a Video Guernica Iraq, a comparison of what is going on in Iraq and in Guernica. Spain being bomb by the Germans.

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