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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

10 June - 16 June 2007

Saturday 16 June 07

Two posts in the following blogs
1. Paris of the East Lebanon
2. Hijab ?

Friday 15 June 07

Place in the blog post Turkish Demo - No to Sharia and Other Malaise & Discomforting News which includes civil war in Occupied Palestine, Bombings in Iraq and War in Afghanistan.

Thursday 14 June 07

Place in the blog post a video Watch Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO showing off SAFARI for PC and AP Money Minute : Blockbuster,Stocks,Microsoft

Wednesday 13 June 07

Tuesday 12 June 07

Monday 11 June 07

Sunday 10 June 07

Paid Land taxes and stop a local version of "American fast food outlet" called McDe because my youngest was with me and she had requested to eat there.

Place postings in the blog posts in two blogs

1. A video investing 102
2. A WebHosting show Account types

Reorganised some video into the blogs so that it will be included in the achieve later.

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