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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hamas Considers Suspending Participation in Cairo Dialogue

31/05/2009 | AlmanarTV

The Palestinian Hamas Resistance movement said on Sunday it considers the possibility to suspend participation in inter-Palestinian dialogue following the killing of its two members during clashes with security forces in the West Bank.

"We are now studying the suspension of our participation in the Cairo-hosted dialogue as part of the response to the assassination of two holy fighters in Qalqilya city in the West Bank," Salah al-Bardaweel, a Hamas spokesman, told reporters in Gaza.

Three policemen and a civilian were also killed in the armed clashes which broke off early Sunday between the two Hamas members and the security forces.

Al-Bardaweel reiterated that what happened was "a plot the Palestinian (National) Authority (PNA) and Israel planned to end the resistance and uproot Hamas," in the West Bank, ruled by Abbas ' Fatah party.

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