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Saturday, May 9, 2009

12-year-old boy registers for Iran presidential election

Sat, 09 May 2009 | PressTV

A 12-year-old Iranian boy, Kourosh Mozouni, has registered for the upcoming presidential election with a campaign promise of his own.

Speaking to reporters at the Interior Ministry's election headquarters in Tehran on Friday, Mozouni said he would ban computer games and raise wages of male parents so that mothers do not have to work.

"Mothers, children and young adults will vote for me," said the 12-year-old whose bid for presidency was rejected by Iran's Interior Ministry.

Mozouni has also promised to pass a law that lets women have jobs only if they have had babies for at least five years.

He said he would also negotiate with US President Barack Obama to buy Hawaii Islands and move Israelis there so that Palestinians can live peacefully in their lands.

When asked if he knew what yellow cake -- a substance used for nuclear fuel -- was, Mozouni said, "A president does not have to know everything."

The question came up as Iran's president would have to deal with a heated international debate regarding Iran's nuclear program.

"You all have refrigerators at home but do you know the different parts of it? All Iranians believe nuclear energy to be their legitimate right, but this does not mean that they should know everything about it," the 12-year-old explained.

He also said he would seek to stop the killing of the world's oppressed children, including Gazans, if he elected as president.

According to Iran's Interior Ministry, over one thousand candidates have so far registered for the country's June presidential election.

Following the official registration, the Guardians Council will evaluate the candidates and announce individuals meeting the council's approval on May 20th and 21st.

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