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Friday, June 13, 2008

What will Pak Lah Bring to Kelantan? Part 2

3) The JPP

The JPP is suppose to handle and channel development funds from the Federal government. On the micro level, Federal government distributes these development funds through their own village heads, officially designated as Penyelia Pembangunan Mukim and locally in Kelantan, they are known as 'Tok Ngulu UMNO'. Hence effectively, creating a state within a state and a parallel state government.

Well that was good - with the formation of JPP the people of Kelantan can compare apple to apple a Federal government machinery to a state machinery. Conclusion, a foregone case, for PAS kept winning and recently with a much better margin, proving that JPP does the BN more harm than good - the BN should realized by now that the JPP assist them losing the state longer to PAS. This may have led to Pak Lah (the PM) to rethink and quickly abolished JPP Sabah and to "negrikan" the whole JPP both structurally and staffing wise - was it a move to prevent Sabah BN MPs from jumping to Pakatan Rakyat? Or worst still, the people asking their Representatives to jump party!

To the people of Kelantan, the general feeling is that the Kelantan government is more 'end-user' or rakyat friendly, more integrity, more transparent, more accountable and does what in the general good of the people of Kelantan. As opposed to the JPP, whose interest is to build cronies who are financially tied up with the BN Feds. Through this network of ‘financial interest’ UMNO had high hopes of getting a great party machinery who could garnered more votes and translate in BN winning over the states.

There is another front that PAS is winning is Kelantan. Kinship relation among Kelantanese is a very big deal. The norm was, in every kampong, it is a public knowledge that which family supports which party. That may have been the crucial factor why the winnings of either side is only limited to circa a 1000 or so for the Parliamentary seats. But in the last election, PAS was able to break that cultural bound. PAS is gaining sympathizers within the family whose traditional allegiance have been to UMNO. They certainly voted PAS, quietly and unknowingly to their kinsmen but with full conscience. This explain the reason why in many constituencies PAS is winning 4 or 5 times more than the normal margins. Why? The hands of JPP extended to abuse funds for very localized projects like repairing of Masjids.

3) Limiting the circulation and distribution of harakah.

When Harakah was reduced to a publication for PAS members only and KDN also permitted it to be publish once in two weeks. It was not the end of the world PAS as far as communication with the Malaysian public is concerned.

PAS do learn from the experience of others. PAS knew that Imam Khomeini ideas of an ‘Islamic state’ based on the concept of Vilayat-ul-Faqih was spread through cassettes when his books were no longer available from the book shops in Iran and he was physically out of Iran. Under intense interrogation of Savak, the Shah’s secret police and under their laughter, for the Imam’s lacking of resources, it was on record that Imam Khomeini cool reply was ‘the resource to finance my movement is in the pockets of my supporters’.

With that kind of background builds up the confidence of his supporters and increases the numbers of his sympathizers. When Khomeini, went home to Qum after his return from his exile in Paris, he had to rush back to Tehran to help crystallized his “Vilayat-ul-Faqih”. Thats after some 98% of the voters voted for the establishment of ‘Vilayat-ul-Faqih’ as opposed to a secular state to replace the Shah’s regime.

PAS creativity in handling the communication shortcoming is a par excellence in itself. PAS progressively graduated from selling cassettes, to compact disks (CDs), to using the electronic media, made possible by the rigorous development in field of ICT. Harakahdaily.net became PAS’s mouth piece. Tun Dr Mahathir realized that. It is a sheer lack of intelligence for the BN under Pak Lah and his level 4 ‘smart boys’ to rule out the electronic without borders media, name calling bloggers. Only one day to admit their oversight after losses on the ground. In this aspect, it can be safely claimed or concluded that PAS is a decade ahead of UMNO or BN. It is a lesson well taught to all the opposition parties and learned well by them all. PAS do leads the way for change.

Today, every UMNO ‘upcoming’ politician who thinks of staying ‘relevant’ in the political area has a blog. Pemuda UMNO just launch a new site. Pak Lah advertises on RTM for online feedbacks to him. What used to be, was - if you want to know the developments of DSAI’s (Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s)– health condition or political wise, whatever, the only way was to visit RPK sites. You can never find satisfactory reports from the main-stream media. Looking back, it was through these news that RPK, became a notoriously well informed blogger and built up a reputation of a site worth visiting.

The way ahead for Pak Lah.

The politics have change, the mentality have metamorphose The people of Kelantan understand that within each of their capacity and responsibility, the State and Federal government have to deliver social and infrastructural development to the State of Kelantan or else stop collecting taxes. What the federal government fails to recognize is to bring back faith, wins the hearts and minds of the people. Beside all the promises to clean up corruption, restore faith in the judiciary or put the police act together, there is a need to announce, in Kelantan, for example, the following 5 points position of the Federal BN government which should be included:-

  1. Honour the federation agreement
  2. Disband JPP in Kelantan
  3. Promise not to create anymore JPP or any other mechanisms that will usurped a state rightful means to organize the distribution of wealth or / and ownership over their own resources – like what had taken place in Terengganu, in any state in future.
  4. Liberalized the media with a promise not to interfere in any media, more so the electronic media except by law enacted base on popular method or basis.
  5. Stop harassing those who run the electronics media, such as bloggers – using the draconian ISA or Sedition Acts laws. Let personal scores be square out through laws pertaining to ‘individual rights, liberty and protection’.

beside all the development projects and financial packages.

The end

What will Pak Lah Bring to Kelantan?Part 1

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