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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Welcome to "dogs eat dogs" world.

Aiyya, now it is really turning into a "dogs eat dogs" world - among our Federal Government Ex-Leaders, Leaders and wannabe Leaders. Justice Chin joiningin from the court.

Keep it coming, we want to see both sides of the coin, so as to "know" more about the coin.

Other than "oppressive measures" and "negative reports" against 'parti lawan (opposition party)' (me avoiding using an inappropriate term - parti pembangkang) or "their initiatives" like BERSIH, the news - no less, are full of squabbles among BN 'warlords' in a very ungentlemanly and unkind manner.Sanusi was replaced as UIA President. Disciplinary actions were requested on personalities like Rais Yatim and Muhyiddin Yassin for making statements contrary to the President, Pak Lah's position. Has Ku Li failed to create an avalanche of EGMs.

Remember what was the promise, the Federal Government gave when there were, said to be excess of cash from oil revenues for not using much of it to subsidize the price control. Yesss, the promise was to use the cash to revamp the KL public transport system. No news afloat the they are going to scrap Rapid KL and privatize the KL public transport system. Che Det has something to say or reveal on this Rapid KL, thing.

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