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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Is Idris Jusoh of Trengganu the Victim or the Culprit?

If DAP in Perak was initially adamant to have a DAP candidate as the Menteri Besar (MB) or at least a candidate from PKR. But Raja Dr. Nazrin appointed Ir. Nizar from PAS to be the MB. After all the hoo-haa, YB Lim Kit Siang relented and apologized publicly to Raja Dr. Nazrin. The issue was settled and the new MB, Ir. Nizar and after some seemingly public debate on the make up of his exco. was finalized.

The history of Modern Malaysia is quite unique. The Federation of Malaysia was formed by states of different backgrounds. The Straits Settlements, The Federated Malay States, The Unfederated Malay States and States in North Borneo which were not homogeneous. Many may not realized and took for granted that each states possesses the same constitution in letter spirit, well it is not. The Constitution of Penang under a Governor is very different from that of Kelantan under the Sultan. The Sultans in the Malay States are not as powerless as the British Queen, the system was created after the defeat of the British initiative - "The Malayan Union". The Malay Sultanate come the from two different systems, the Federated and the Unfederated Malay States. On this score it is very relevant that all Malaysians are thought in high schools and places of higher learning, the proper perspective of Malaysian historical developments and the spirit of the constitutions of every Malay States and Regions under the governors.

Other than the Sultan of Perak, the Raja of Perlis also created history by rejecting the MB (former MB) proposed by the PM, Shahidan. Though the PM had issued a "Watikah" for the former MB to be appointed as the MB. The Watikah actually can only to be issued by the Raja or Sultan with his seal on it. Anyway due to the fact that the Raja's newly appointed MB, YB Md Isa Sabu, enjoys more popular support from UMNO/BN ADUN than the former MB, thus that rendered the Raja of Perlis proposal as very wise and His Highness Watikah appropriate indeed.

Another ruler, the Regent of Trengganu also rejected the PM or head of Government nomination of another ex-MB, Idris Jusoh. The Sultan of Trengganu is the Supreme Head of State of Malaysia. Through The Regent Advisory Council of Trengganu (MPPR), the Watikah had been issued to YB Datok Mohd Said , whom by now had occupy his place, in the office of the MB, despite the pressure from the PM on the Trengganu Royalty, the UMNO Secretary General warnings to sack the newly appointed MB and the Attorney General joining the fray arguing from the perspective of the Federal Constitution, though the State of Trengganu has their own legal adviser (MPPR).

Below are the points to summarize the position of the Trengganu Royalty.

1) UMNO (BN) won the majority of the seats (DUN) for the Trengganu recent State
Elections and has every right to form the next State Government;

2) The previous MB ( Idris Jusoh ) assumed that he would continue to be sworn in as
the next MB;

3) The UMNO President cum Head of BN cum PM consented to his appointment and
endorsed the desires of Idris Jusoh;

4) But the Sultan of Trengganu rejected his nomination ( Idris Jusoh ) to be the MB;

5) At no time has the Sultan of Trengganu objected to BN/UMNO forming the State

6) The Trengganu State Constitution is very clear that the appointment of the MB
should be from within the ranks of the winning party, and that the choice of MB must have the consent of and appointment from the Sultan.

7) The Sultan now is not consenting to the appointment of the ex-MB ( Idrus Jusoh ), and has
decided that another candidate from the ranks of UMNO (the winning party) who also won
the State Elections will be appointed as the MB;

8) The Head of the Federal Government, who is also the BN Head says that is unconstitutional
and wants to go ahead, pushing for the previous MB to be appointed;

The result at present is still an impasse! The main issue. is that the Sultan has no quarrel with UMNO. He is not stopping UMNO from forming the Trengganu State Government, but his prime objection is, to the previous MB being re-appointed.

Other than Allah, probably the two person involved knew the reasons. Tuanku Duli Yang Maha Mulia, His Majesty the Agong reasons for not wanting Idris Jusoh to be the next MB.

In democratic practice, the popular voice of the rakyat and the majority of the ADUN elected has to be given due respect, irrespective of whom or which party has the support of the majority. The Royalty should not stop, unless there are solid, valid and strong reasons that render the nominated candidate for the MB post by the PM or majority of ADUN, unacceptable to the Royalty or the Palace.

The reasons that are considered solid, valid and sound includes the personality of the candidate like issues of low morality and corruption which may later cause or bring about badness and calamity to the State, the Country and the rakyat because of his appointment.

The solution and the way to resolve this impasse is to take out - the palace bureaucracy, (stop harassingnew ) the MB, Datuk Ahmad Said, ( stop media probing on ) the previous MB, Idris Jusoh, the UMNO Secretary General and Attorney General - 0ut the equation. Let the Head of the Government, the PM to settle the issue privately behind closed doors with the Agong. After all, the Sultan is our Head of State, and our PM took the oath of office in front of him! If the PM has an audience with the Tuanku, hopefully the real reasons as to why the previous MB is not to Tuanku`s liking could be divulged to the PM, but definitely not for public airing!

Why do the top echelons of UMNO deemed it fit to allow, without stopping UNMO's ADUNs in Terengganu to plan a swearing in boycott just like the DAP LKS once did and also other demonstrations? Is it because political parties outside the government (like DAP/PKR/PAS) cannot do what the ruling coalition (UMNO/BN) can do with all the pomp like an unstoppable monarch? It is high time that UMNO stop this double standard practices. UMNO / BN must remember that their are no longer the absolute ruler in the Parliament - UMNO/BN loss their two-majority.

The PM will be seeing His Majesty, Tuanku within these few days. In this way, both sides preserve their dignity and the issue can be discuss, handle and resolve amicably. If it is the crisis of the government - meaning the Sultan has loss faith in the ex-MB due to some misdemeanor such as corruption, crony-ism or misused and abused of power, then it is only logical for the PM to withdraw the MB's Idris Jusoh nomination. This will allow Trengganu to move ahead with grace on a clean sheet. Rather than to allow Datuk Idris Jusoh to proceed with the shit and the evil he had created for another term to only make it only more messy, rotten, worst and difficult to repair and make good.

This audience will give the opportunity for Tuanku on behalf of the Trengganu Palace to clear the air as to why, His Majesty make a decision which is very different from the norm, to ease or cool down the present situation or impasse. At least privately to Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, whom His Majesty had appointed as the PM ealier.

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