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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Man Who Shook Westminster - UK

June 2009, The man behind the scandalous British expenses row reveals himself in a one-off televised interview. Henry Gewanter approached the British media, and The Daily Telegraph were more than willing to oblige.

In the current economic climate what is sure to rouse angry voters to lose faith in politicians? MPs paying for porn with taxpayers money perhaps? After an anonymous tip-off Henry Gewanter has single handedly caused 7 MPs to stand down amid evidence that they have fraudulently claimed expenses. The original source of the material however is still unnamed.

I havent received a single penny for this, I did it for the public good claims Gewanter, now a local celebrity. Ive been bombarded by media interest. Gordon Brown is now in the spotlight after losing dramatically in the European elections: He has been caught with his pants down and has been struggling ever since.

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