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Monday, December 31, 2007

Jumblatt lies to Syrians for 25 years

Mon, 31 Dec 2007 22:50:10

Walid Jumblatt

Lebanon's head of progressive socialist Party, Walid Jumbalat, admits that he has deceived the Syrians for almost twenty five years.

I am not a real ally to Syrians and I am lying to them, said Jumblatt in an interview with Press TV.

The Lebanon's Druze leader claimed that his father was killed by the Syrians.

'I decided to fix a pact with the devil and to shake hand the one who killed my father,' said Jumbalat, denouncing the fact that he had not the courage to declare the claim 25 years ago.

Jumblatt implicitly admitted that he is ready to cooperate with Americans rather than his fellow citizens, accusing Hezbollah of facilitating or ignoring Syrian killings.

"I will not give the veto power for the sake of Hezbollah and their allies and the Syrian regime," he said.

"They can take it by force over our dead bodies" but "I am not going to give up the veto power for the sake of Hezbollah," he added.

He rejected the fact that he has ignored Hezbollah stance on abandoning a national unity government for the sake of electing a president.

"We didn't ignore them but we will not give the blocking minority which means to topple the Taif [Agreement] and to topple all the power of the government," said Jumbalat.

Jumblatt denied that he is not going to give Hezbollah the veto power they want because he is scared that he might lose his popularity.

He emphasized that his party's candidate is Michel Suleiman and they will stick to him.


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