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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Money Spinning Michael's Finances Examined.

27 June 2009 - Within hours of Michael Jackson's death people were printed T-shirts and auction sites were doing a roaring trade in memorabilia. But there's even bigger sums at stake - with the singer's estate and royalties up for grabs.

Experts fear Michael Jackson's children may be at the centre of a titanic legal battle as they stand to inherit a vast fortune that is protected from the star's many creditors.
The star's three children are currently being looked after by his mother Katherine.

But reports have emerged of a possible custody battle with Debbie Rowe, biological mother to Jackson's two eldest children.

It is believed Ms Rowe could take full custody of Paris and Prince Michael under California law.

If she does gain parental control of the children, she could be entitled to a "huge amount of child support" from Jackson's estate, according to showbiz website TMZ.com.

Media lawyer Mark Stephens told Sky News: "It looks as though she [Jackson's mother] wants to keep them as she has all the other children around her.

"Michael, in his lifetime, expressed that he wanted the nanny to look after them and, of course, there is his first wife [Debbie Rowe] with whom he had two children.

"Ms Rowe says that she is entitled to them so clearly everyone is squaring up for a fight over the children."

There is a reason for this "other than natural affection", said Mr Stephens.

"These children are going to be incredibly rich, probably the richest since Onassis," he explained.

There has been speculation that Jackson reportedly had huge debts and any money will be seized on by his creditors.

But in perhaps the ultimate irony, it seems the King of Pop's death could see a turnaround in the fortunes of his struggling estate.

In the 24 hours since Jackson's death, HMV says it has sold 80 times more Michael Jackson albums than it would have in a corresponding period.

The surge in album sales is much greater than that for Elvis Presley and John Lennon following their deaths.

And Mr Stephens said the pop legend had enormous assets tied up in a trust that his debtors will not be able to access.

"It is something called a spendthrift trust - he wasn't anything of a spendthrift - but that's what the trust is called," he said.

Hollywood Drugs To Blame For Jackson's Death?

27 June 2009 - At the centre of the inquiry into Michael Jackson's death is the drug Demerol. It's thought that he - in common with many other Hollywood celebrities - was abusing that and a cocktail of other perscription pills.

Michael Jackson's family say they are angry and frustrated over unanswered questions surrounding his death and may seek a second post mortem.Speaking to ABC television's Good Morning America, US activist Reverend Jesse Jackson said he had spent time comforting the family at their estate in northern LA.

He said they have concerns with the late singer's personal doctor, who was with the 50-year-old when he died on Thursday.

LA police have already spoken to cardiologist Conrad Murray and say they intend to interview him a second time.

A post mortem completed by the LA coroner has ruled out foul play, but revealed Jackson had been taking some unspecified prescription medications.

Asked if the family would seek their own post mortem, Rev Jackson replied: "I'm sure they ought to, they probably will."

The comments were followed soon after by an internet report which said LA police wanted to speak to a second person in connection with Jackson's death.

Showbiz website TMZ.com said police wanted to talk to Dr Tohme Tohme about an "alleged indirect connection" between prescription drugs and the pop singer's demise, according to their sources.

However, LAPD officer Norma Eisenman denied knowing anything about the report.

TMZ quotes Dr Tohme who as saying to them: "I don't have anything to do with his (Michael's) medication or health... Why should I talk to police?"

Sky correspondent Greg Milam, who is in LA, says Dr Tohme was one of many doctors that cared for Jackson.

"It is a name that has been in the Michael Jackson circle for a number of years - one of the many in the entourage - and nobody really knew what they were up to and what role they fulfilled," he said.

"Clearly police have a responsibility to investigate and will want to speak to everyone who has something to shed on that picture... the minute he was removed from his home and died in hospital."

The singer's body has been released to his family, but further toxicology tests have been ordered, which could take several weeks to be completed.

LA Police Department assistant police chief Charlie Beck said further tests would provide "key results that will steer the direction of the investigation".

No funeral plans have been announced, but the Jackson family say they have not ruled out a public event.

Speculation over the music icon's death is being fuelled by reports Jackson had been receiving a daily injection of Demerol, a synthetic narcotic similar to morphine, and may have been given "too much" on the day he died.

Earlier reports said the Jackson family had been concerned over pop star's use of drugs as he prepared for a series of comeback concerts in London.

Physician and Jackson confidante, Dr Deepak Chopra, told CNN bluntly: "I think drugs killed him."

Thoughts have also turned to the pop singer's three children, who are currently being cared for by Jackson's mother.

But reports have emerged of a possible custody battle with Debbie Rowe, biological mother to Jackson's two eldest children.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The mother of all election thieves.

Bush should not have been president in 2000 and he should not have been president in 2004.

The evidence of organized vote-counting fraud in both elections was overwhelming, but the news media and the Democratic party did nothing.

And nothing has changed since 2004.

What will the news media and the Democratic party do if the same fraud machine that put Bush into office illegally does the same thing for John McCain?

Past performance suggests they will do nothing.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Man Who Shook Westminster - UK

June 2009, The man behind the scandalous British expenses row reveals himself in a one-off televised interview. Henry Gewanter approached the British media, and The Daily Telegraph were more than willing to oblige.

In the current economic climate what is sure to rouse angry voters to lose faith in politicians? MPs paying for porn with taxpayers money perhaps? After an anonymous tip-off Henry Gewanter has single handedly caused 7 MPs to stand down amid evidence that they have fraudulently claimed expenses. The original source of the material however is still unnamed.

I havent received a single penny for this, I did it for the public good claims Gewanter, now a local celebrity. Ive been bombarded by media interest. Gordon Brown is now in the spotlight after losing dramatically in the European elections: He has been caught with his pants down and has been struggling ever since.

Sexual Assault in the US Army

Sexual assault is a pervasive problem, with Veterans Affairs statistics showing nearly one in three female soldiers are sexually harassed while serving their country, and for some the consequences are devastating.

Private LaVena Lyn Johnson (photo) was just five weeks into her tour of Iraq when she was found dead in a contractor’s tent. The US Army concluded the 19-year-old committed suicide after firing her M16 rifle into her mouth.

However, her father, who worked in the military as a civilian specialist in psychology, refuses to believe his daughter committed suicide.

For the past three years, Dr John Johnson has studied almost every aspect of his daughter’s death. He now believes LaVena was raped and murdered by someone in her camp, and accuses the army of covering up a soldier on soldier slaying.

Dr Johnson says he will keep fighting for justice until the army changes “their attitude about how they treat women in the military”.[more]

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Campaign to stop IMF and war funding

15 June 2009 - Bill for supplemental war and IMF funding could be defeated.

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